Alien Entity

The Chaotic Cooperative Strategy Card Game of Space Paranoia

Overview of Alien Entity game.

Alien Entity at a glance

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Gameplay Objectives

Get off the planet or kill the alien before the crew becomes infected. Each player has a hidden role. They could be a friendly human or a deceitful alien in disguise!

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Game Details

  • 3 to 5 players
  • Ages 13 and up
  • 15-30 minutes per round
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Detailed rulebook available.

Download Rulebook (PDF)
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How to Play Instructions

Check out this excellent how to play video from TheGameBoyGeek!

Gameplay Details

In Alien Entity you play as a group of stranded planetary researchers trying to escape the hostile world they have been exploring. An unknown member of the team has been infected by an alien entity and will sabotage and infect the researchers as they try and build a satellite array to contact mission control. Will you survive? Are your friends infected by an alien entity? Can you contact mission control before its too late? Grab some friends and join the paranoia.

Alien Entity is meant to be played multiple times. Players are passed cards face down to determine who is playing as a human or an alien.The humans win if the satellite array is built or the alien gets shot. The alien wins if it passes out infection cards to all of the humans.After each game ends, points are calculated and another game starts with a new random person as the Alien.

Each player draws cards from a central pile and takes turns playing and passing cards. Choose wisely because you will only be able to play one card per turn and equipment such as body armor only lasts until your next turn.You may pass cards face down to other players to either help them or hurt their progress. If you are a human you may want to pass parts of the satellite array to another human. If you are an alien you can pass infection cards to other players to get them on your side.

Games usually last between five and ten minutes. After each game points are given depending on the outcome of the game. The cards are then re-shuffled and a new alien player is secretly chosen. You can play until a player amasses 7 points or you can just play for fun indefinitely.


"Greatest game of all time! I picked it up on a whim at the steel city comic con, figuring it was a cheap souvenir and it came with a comic book. I took it home and bust it out with a few friends and beers, and we literally played for the rest of the night. and then the next night, with more friends. and then the rest of our lives. it completely consumed our lives. lol, but more seriously, the game is waaaaayy funner than you can imagine, and once you start rolling its quite addicting.

P.S. for playing with larger groups than visioned for the game, we always take a few of the text cards and use them as Identity cards, and make a few new rules. But i wouldnt hesitate to pick up another set of cards for that stuff too, it seems it would mix well." - Jesse (

"Very fun game, will be picking up in the near future!" - Forgecrafter (

"I love a bit of healthy competition with my friends and Alien Entity provides that in spades. It only takes a few hands to get the rules down and, despite it's simplicity, the game proves tough to master. The art style is fittingly gruesome (in a The Thing meets Alien way) and there's good replay value. We haven't had a single game unfold the same way. Solid purchase." - A. Daniels (

"Great fun - quick and easy card game with wonderful chances to screw over your friends! Perfect "pocket" card game to carry around, very easy rules make setting up quick games with a group simple." - kwip (